At Kingsley Promtions, we create designs that will embody and reflect the purpose of your organization. We will always listen first, which creates informed designs for your company or brand.

Our talented designers will work with you to create high-quality materials for print or web. Whether it is a design for an online advertisement, brochures, new businesses, or a product catalogue, every project is customized to fit the needs of your business and your clients.

Design & Marketing



At Kingsley Promtions by Emagine, we begin our branding process by learning about your business, your purpose, your vision, and your values.

Logos, taglines, colours, tone, imagery all contribute to form the “big picture” of your company’s brand. A great brand will align with the purpose of your organization and naturally attract people who share your belief and attitudes — your A-Clients.

A brand does not become great overnight. Most people assume that branding is a diving contest — who makes the biggest splash? But it’s actually a swimming contest — who can keep their head above water for the longest time. The question you should be asking is whether your brand has longevity.

Your business’ branding guide is a reference document for the style of your company’s brand. This keeps a professional and consistent public image for your company. Branding guides typically include examples of acceptable logos, recommended typefaces, and official colours. Branding guides will specify what your brand should look like in different media, such as print vs. web marketing materials. Brand guides may also describe the grammar, tone, and word usage for your brand.